16th April 2012 – Reflections in the Lake

Today, the weather has been very calm which has meant that the rain clouds have not moved very fast so it has been pretty damp.  However, when the rain did not fall, Skaha Lake became incredibly still and I’ve attempted to get a photograph of the reflections that it produced.

This is taken from the eastern side of the lake looking towards Kaleden on the west side.  The colours did not come out well because of the grey, dismal weather, so I have done a little colour editing.  Not one of my best shots, but still this challenge is about submitting a photo each day.  Some of them are bound to be lacking a certain…. something.

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7 thoughts on “16th April 2012 – Reflections in the Lake

  1. Mind blowing…thnx for sharing

  2. we had England weather here today! lol

  3. I love this kind of scenery, simply awesome. I’m reminded of our holidays in Austria and Switzerland where the landscape is similar.

    • Hi Malou,
      We are in the foothills of the Rockies here. It does have very similar attributes to the Alps in Europe. I love just looking out on range after range of mountains. It is spectacular. I am very fortunate.

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