14th April 2012 – Vineyard by the Lake

Here in the Okanagan Valley, the abundance of vineyards and wonderful wines is exhilarating.  British Columbia is becoming another Napa Valley!  Every spare piece of land is being put into production of grapes.  That’s where the money is.

Unfortunately, the industry that suffers is the orchard industry.  Fruits like cherries, peaches, apples and pears grow really well here, but the money is not what it was.  That means that some of the orchards are being uprooted and vines are being planted.  It can be a sad sight.

Today, I had the opportunity to walk around a vineyard that overlooks Skaha Lake.  It isn’t a big vineyard and the owner sells her grapes to a nearby winery.  At this time of year, the vines are being pruned, the ground cleared of debris to prevent disease, and the framework is being strengthened to withstand the bounty that will appear towards the autumn.  This photo shows the pruned vines.  It is amazing to think that from these wooden ‘arms’ bunches of Pinot Gris grapes will grow that will become a premier Pinot Gris which, one day, may be found at your dinner table.

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4 thoughts on “14th April 2012 – Vineyard by the Lake

  1. What a calm photo =)

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