13th April 2012 – Tree Swallows

Good News.  One of the nesting boxes in the garden is inhabited.  Tree Swallows have taken up residence and are swooping around the acreage picking up flies and feeding the family inside the box.  I just about managed to get a shot of this swallow flying in and, without stopping or landing, it fed another adult at the entrance to the nest box, who then passed the food inside the box to the other family members.  Wonderful to watch.

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7 thoughts on “13th April 2012 – Tree Swallows

  1. Brill picture, well captured..;)

    • I’ve been watching them for days. Yesterday I was leaving the house, laiden with bags and had to drop everything to get my camera ‘cos the birds were active and not interested in me. I love watching them.

    • Thank you. In the UK I’m certain we would call these swifts! Although they are called swallows here they don’t have that distinctive ‘v’ tail.

  2. awesome capture, i couldn’t take my eyes off of it for a few mins. it was just mezmorizing!

  3. I’m pretty much a pushover for any picture of birds. They are fascinating creatures. Plus they can fly without packing suitcasea, getting pat downs, and waiting in lines for hours at a time! lol

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