1st April 2012 – Peace Lily

They are one of the most common, and easy to look after, house plants there is; the Peace Lily – found in homes and offices over the globe.  Yet as familiar as they are, they still hold beauty and surprises.

I took these photos today with the extension tube (12mm) on my kit lens.  It was hard to pick up the delicate greens on the white ‘hood’ of the flower, but the main part containing the nodules came out very clearly.  In fact, in one of the photos you can see a tiny hair that has adhered to a node.

All of us, whatever faith or persuasion we adhere to, want peace.  May you know peace this week.


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3 thoughts on “1st April 2012 – Peace Lily

  1. Kate you should do a book! those are amazing!

  2. Sonel on said:

    Absolutely gorgeous and wishing you the same hon! 🙂

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