31st March 2012 – Macro Salad Leaves

I eat salad nearly every day.  I’d rather it were grown in my own garden and freshly picked but during the winter, I have to resort to the supermarket.  I thought I would see what some of the leaves looked like really close up.

I had hoped for better definition of the veins of the leaves but I can try again with other subjects.  These may not have been the best to photograph.  But you learn, don’t you?

Rocket (UK) Arigula (Nth America) has a peppery taste.

Raddichio - bright burgundy with strong white central veins. Has a bitter taste so don't use too much in your salads.

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4 thoughts on “31st March 2012 – Macro Salad Leaves

  1. So cool! I love how the most common place of things become beautiful when close up.

    • It’s exciting to try these things and see what comes out. Sometimes you get a result but othertimes you may not. That’s the fun of it. Thanks again for your comment Sherene.

  2. it’s great Kate! i especially like the pink one!

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