27th March 2012 – Oh Deer-y Deer-y

The snows have melted and the grassed lawn is now visible to all, although its a bit brown.  However, this did not stop the deer visiting to take advantage.  First there were 3 and then they were slowly joined by others until there were 8 on the lawn.  They varied in ages, some yearlings, and some a little older.  They stayed for at least 30 minutes, feeding.






They were always alert and as I took photos of them through the windows they were fully aware of my presence.  When the dogs next door barked, they would watch attentively to gauge the danger and then, recognising they remained safe, would go back to feeding.

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5 thoughts on “27th March 2012 – Oh Deer-y Deer-y

  1. oh my gosh that is so awesome! wish i were there in person! what a photo op eh?! love the pics!

  2. Beautiful shots! 🙂

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