24th March 2012 – North American Robin

Back in the UK a robin is a small bird, about the size of a sparrow.  For those not familiar with the European variety, you might like to visit Flickr: The Humble Robin Pool for photos.  Here in North America, they are larger, about the size of a blackbird.  So, to educate my British followers, I thought I would post a photo of one here.  I am informed that spring is here when the robin returns.

They have a quaint song, which I heard as the male was serenading the female in a nearby tree.  Their warning sound is very much like the European blackbird which makes me think that they could be somehow related.  I’m sure someone out there with more ornithological knowledge will tell me.

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9 thoughts on “24th March 2012 – North American Robin

  1. lovely picture,, are they as tame as they are here in the UK.?

    • They can be, and they walk about like the blackbird too, rather than hop like most other birds. Not as agressive to other robins as our native one in the UK though. thanks for the comment Cobbies, I appreciate it.

  2. Like an English blackbird that’s nicked a robin’s breast! So pretty.

  3. Great shot, Kate! 😉

  4. Excellent capture!

  5. Great photo! 🙂

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