12th March 2012 – Unopened

Today was another day of scrambling around for ideas for this post.  The weather has not been helpful today; miserable, grey, sleet and snow.  Got home to cook some dinner and this bottle was waiting on the side.  It didn’t get opened today, however.  Maybe later in the week.

So for now, it remains unopened.

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7 thoughts on “12th March 2012 – Unopened

  1. I have a sudden urge for a glass of wine…can’t figure out why?

  2. i am quick…i sit here all day waiting for you to post..ahaha

  3. I love the colour in your photo, well composed and probably very tasty.

  4. if it helps Kate, mine is rioja crianza, bought at the original price after it went up and then back down again – you know the crazy ‘its a bargain price’ when it was that price 6 months ago. I hope enjopyed yours too!

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