10th March 2012 – Richard Sharpe, a great British hero

I am currently reading, again, the Bernard Cornwell series of Sharpe, which was made into a TV series starring Sean Bean.  I had all the books when I lived in the UK but gave them to a charity shop when we moved to British Columbia.  Since being here, I have collected all the books again, either from second-hand book shops or buying them new.

Here is my collection.  For those in the know, you will notice two books missing from the line up here; Sharpe’s Regiment – which I am currently reading, and Sharpe’s Devil.  I still have to acquire the latter, but I have been informed by my husband that it is on order.  I can’t wait to have the complete set on my shelf.

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2 thoughts on “10th March 2012 – Richard Sharpe, a great British hero

  1. you have the coolest pic ideas!

    • Thank you. sometimes, I find that I just haven’t taken a photograph during the day and I have to seek a subject quite quickly. this was one of those days, but it seemed to work.

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