2nd March 2012 – Open Wide

Just in case you have a phobia, the photo you are about to see below is reptilian.  “The Reptile Guy” visited the shopping mall here in Penticton, and brought with him some wonderful creature (not all reptiles) to show.  From large snakes and tortoise, to very small tree frogs and hairy spiders.  The enthusiasm that the owner had for these reptiles was infectious.

Many snakes have come to him because they have been abandoned, or the owners have recognised that they can’t look after them properly.  This was the case of the snake featured.  It needed extensive medical treatment over several months to bring it back to full health.  I think you will agree, it was very much worth it.  So, here’s today’s photo.

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11 thoughts on “2nd March 2012 – Open Wide

  1. Oh ya baby! Now that is what I’m talking about!!! This should so win an award!

  2. Hi kate. great photo, yukky snakes

  3. Well caught, we’re never quick enough to catch our snakes yawning 🙂

  4. Albino red tail boa! 😉

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