1st March 2012 – You got Mail

The traditional ‘snail-mail’ still has a place in our lives, alongside e-mail.  These mail boxes are proof of that.

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7 thoughts on “1st March 2012 – You got Mail

  1. Quite a collection there!

  2. They look redundant, a bit like the uk’s village post office’s. these are fab!

    • Coming from Buckinghamshire, I know just what you mean. Even our town post offices are under threat. One think I like about the UK postal system is that your mail gets delivered to your door wherever you are, which is not the case here in Canada within the rural areas. But the post office here is also under threat. That’s the nature of advanced technology I suppose.
      Thanks for visiting again Angie. I appreciate it.

  3. it almost looks rustic..

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