26th Feb 2012 – Flavour in a bulb

Ever looked at garlic – really looked at garlic?  I have several heads of Allium some of which have started to sprout.  This makes the centre of each clove soft but it has an interesting effect on how the clove looks inside.

Here, I cut a whole head in half and pictured the result.  I love the each shape of the cloves, and the greenish centre where the clove has started to soften in order to sprout.

One thing I can’t give you is the smell of the garlic.  You either love it or you hate it.  I’m sure you can tell what my feeling are about this very versatile bulb.

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2 thoughts on “26th Feb 2012 – Flavour in a bulb

  1. I can smell it looking at that picture 😉

  2. love the pic, allergic to garlic so i’m glad i can’t smell it!!

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