28th Jan 2012 – Glass or Ice

It’s amazing what they can do with glass. I found this older vase today, which originated from Finland.  The rough, brick-like edges could have been ice-cubes.  I’ve posted 3 images because there was so many interesting aspects to this vase.

To see more images of the beauty of Finnish glass please visit Sartenada’s bloglink at Museum Glass where you will find images of the new and the old designs.

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2 thoughts on “28th Jan 2012 – Glass or Ice

  1. Few decencies ago this kind of drinking glasses, Vodka bottles or vases were very popular in Finland.

    We have beautiful glasses and an excellent glass museum near to Helsinki. I visit there every now and then, because they have awesome exhibitions.

    I have three posts from this museum:

    Riihimäki glass museum.

    Two first posts are on same page and take at the bottom next page.

    Enjoyable moments with Finnish glass art.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

    • Thank you, Sartenada, for your links to more information and images about the beauty of Finnish glass. I’ve added a link to your post from mine so that others can go and view your photographs. They are wonderful. Such variety in colour, design, and usage. I love the modern glassware – it’s stunning. Thank you.

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