22nd Jan 2012 – Valve

I thought I would keep things fairly simple today.  This valve is part of some complicated plumbing for the heating and water in our home.  Although there are plenty of opportunities to photograph curved copper piping and soldered junctions, it was this valve that drew my attention.

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2 thoughts on “22nd Jan 2012 – Valve

  1. Beautiful! The fact that whoever painted it could have stopped simply with the white but decided to add the contrasting red is inspiring in and of itself! Call me weird but this valve would be something that would get me excited to have this small piece of… Ill say it.. artwork within the walls of my own home. In my house there is a wall to one side of my office that has many holes from nails that have once resided to hang frames or other nic nacs, and in the morning when the sun is rising to that side of the house the sun shines through a window in the neighboring room sending beams of light into the unlit office. Its little things like these that bring more enjoyment into the rooms of the house! Thanks for sharing yours!

    • I took this photo when I had just about given up on finding something decent to post. It was the clearest, simplest and sharpest of all that I took that day. Just goes to show that simple is, more often than not, best. Thanks for commenting.

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