6th Jan 2012 – Fashion

I visited a shoe shop today and saw this fashion shoe that I know my daughter would love.  I took this photo for two reasons:

  1. It reminded me of my daughter and her love for fashion and art
  2. I loved the detail within the stiletto heel.

I hope you find it just as interesting.

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3 thoughts on “6th Jan 2012 – Fashion

  1. Loving the detail – not something you come across too much in stores these days (that’s why I compiled a list of quirky custom made shoes from Etsy)

    Were you tempted to buy them?

    • Hi Laura
      No, I wasn’t tempted. There is no way that I could even attempt to wear such high heels. I just loved the way that the fabric, ‘chain’ and glass beads looked on the heel.
      I can understand the fascination though.
      Thanks for the comments.

      • Never say never 😉 I had to practically learn stilt walking in order to justify buying a pair of 8 inch high killer heels. I love them despite only wearing them when I know I can sit down for 99% of the evening 🙂

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